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Boutique Management System

BMS is specially designed for Boutique, Garments and Tailor Shops where they can keep record of their sales.

POS Software
POS Software

Store POS (The Mastres)

The Masters helps customers control store’s sales, purchase as well as reporting.

Restaurant POS (E-Restaurant)

E Restaurant is designed to assist restaurant owners and waiters to place customer orders easily.

Restaurant POS
Kattering POS

Catering System

Catering System assists catering/pakwan business owners to trace their daily orders.

Software on Demand

Softnat Technologies has many applications but also designs applications according to customer requirements.

Software on demand

About Softnat Technologies

CEO Softnat Technologies

Baqir Ali (C.E.O) Softnat Technologies

Softnat Technologies is a software house in the city of Quetta, Pakistan. It has been providing services throughout Asia and Australia for the last 10 years with their best effort and hardworking staff in order to deliver 100% successful projects.
In Softnat Technologies we work on the most advanced applications to provide reliable, efficient, accurate and flexible IT solutions to your business which today is a backbone to every business.

One of our main focuses is Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. You want to be found out on google, You want to make your presence online, You want to boost your business than your competitor or your business is not getting any business call not even a single call in one day than Softnat Technologies is the only choice you have in your city

Our Services

Desktop Applications 100%
Web Development 100%
Web Designing 100%
Graphics Designing 100%
Video Graphy 100%
Photography 100%
Digital Marketing 100%
Search Engine Optimization 100%

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